Miss Rudolf Launch in Penang

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Miss Rudolf Launch in Penang

March 20, 2020 cosmetic product Lipbalm lipstick midnight cream miss rudolf mua penang penang makeup artist serum Uncategorized 熬夜霜 0

We were honored to present Miss Rudolf products in EK PRO Makeup Academy at Bukit Mertajam Penang.


We are the official distributor for Miss Rudolf products, a Hong Kong brand. Ingredient from: Germany, Europe, France, and other countries.

Makeup artists love to use Miss Rudolf products because they have certified ingredients, beautiful and not harmful to the skin. Safe skincare and cosmetic products for pregnant women and sensitive skin!

Live demo presented by using all Miss Rudolf products which include skincare steps, midnight cream, BB cushion, settling powder, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and liptint. SHOP Here ! ! !

miss rudolf makeup gift set

Background of Miss Rudolf

Briefing on Miss Rudolf brand introduction.

background of miss rudolf

Famous celebrity as Miss Rudolf Products Spokesperson

Audience tested and feel the miss rudolf products on the spot. They were amused by our star products pimples gel!


Lastly, we would like to congrats and proudly announced that Principal of EK PRO Makeup Academy official join Miss Rudolf Team. wechat: homechannel_ming, yytanmua


我们团队里的 Elaine 就刚好在MCO 前一个星期加入代理, 同一个月里面直接冲上去合伙人。那时候我刚好前一个星期去她学院帮忙做一个发布会给她的学生.
她 14/3 进总代, 31/3 进合伙人。非常惊人的速度! 我也很开心帮她和她的学生轻松度过疫情!

对待副业的态度应该是——未雨绸缪, 打持久战。
副业开始是你养他, 养起来了, 后面才是他养你。



坦白地说,到目前为止,从MCO到现在,许多在线业务都在迅速发展! 微商也是属于线上业务,一个手机就可以开始创业!


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